An Heirloom Wedding with Texas Charm

There's not much sweeter than a Spring wedding by the Lake! Lexi and Chance were married at Historic Rock Castle on a lovely early May afternoon. Decorating with hues of lavender and greenery, this precious couple wove their rich family history and their long-shared past together into a priceless heirloom inspired wedding. From the family quilts on the hay bale lounge seating, to the photos of their high school dating days on the centerpieces, their wedding spoke of love and legacy with a charming Texas flair! Lexi is a huge animal lover, and Mother Nature even gave her a little gift that day in the form of a mother turtle making her nest in the field just before the festivities began! We are honored to be a part of Lexi and Chance's continuing family legacy! 


Tent and Rentals: Ultimate Party 
Photography: SheHeWe

Historic Rock Castle