5 Reasons to Join American Girl Book Club

1. Building new friendships

Meeting and making new friends that share common interests isn't always easy but getting involved in a local club or organization is a great way start. A book club provides a great opportunity to discuss different topics and really get to know a diverse group of people.

2. Experiencing 18th century American life

We often get so accustomed to the habits and rituals of our daily life that we forget how different things were for our ancestors. Even many of our grandparents can remember a time when they lived without electricity or running water. Understanding the many challenges of an 18th century American life helps us to understand who we are, where we're from and how far we've come. 

3. Learning about the American Girl, Felicity

Understanding the events of the past can sometimes be confusing. But reading about America's history through the fictional account of a young 18th century colonist helps us to appreciate the freedoms we have today and connect with our heritage.

4. Sharing adventures with Felicity

The reading and telling of stories allow us to visit and experience a variety of different places and different times. We can live vicariously through the experiences of our favorite characters sharing in their joys and sorrows, their triumphs and their tribulations. Through all the drama, the close calls, the near misses, secrets, danger, friends and foes we find adventure and discover truth. 

5. Enjoying fun and creative activities

Our book club character has quite an active and adventurous life and what better way to learn about these events than by recreating some of her experiences through fun and creative activities. Enjoying crafts, games and art projects we may come to learn that we're not so different after all.